Content of the morning instructions:

1. Strengthen your faith effectively - Philemon 6
2.The content of the gospel of the grace of God - 1 Cor.15:3-4
3. Use of tour voice - Is.58:1
4. How to deal with police, hecklers, etc. - Rom.13:1-5
5. Overcoming fear - 2 Tim.1:7-8
6. Biblical foundation for public preaching - Ez.13:17-21, Acts 20:20,26.
7. The use of music, banners, scripture signs - Col.3:16
8. Obedience by faith against pragmatical humanism - 1 Sam.15:22
9.Use of the 10 commandments - Exodus 20
10. Priority of the word of God (memorizing scripture) -  Rom.10:17
11. Practical, public preaching of Gods word in the area of your local church.




Streetpreaching tour through England
From Sa. 24.08 - Sa. 31.08.2024

Bath, Bristol, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Exeter, Plymouth

For more information or registration, contact Dr. Nico Verhoef or

Pastor Pete Dickens




Family Bible Conference 2024
Mo. 12.08 - Fr. 16.08.2024
, Missionshaus Alpenblick - Hemberg, Switzerland

Price for adults, full room and board: CHF 74 - per night, per person, double occupancy

For further information, contact




ENGLAND, London (U.K.)



Streetpreaching is being done in the south west of England throughout the year. For more information contact Pastor Dickens of the Bible Baptist church in Poole: